Thursday, 27 April 2017

Yulia Nikolaeva | Fall Winter 2017/2018

Alexandr Rogov | Fall Winter 2017/2018


I've gone from being a golden boy of blogging in the UK to being known for drama (I call it talking the truth and being real) but through all adversity and people bad mouthing me I go out and do my thing ... funny I think now all the blogs about blogger fraud etc I think people believe me now and what's funny some are claiming the fame as they found out about it first and getting patted on their backs ... no mention of me though 

My family and real friends all two of them call me resourceful well so be it I just go out and do my thing my hits are higher than ever in the millions and I like the fact the current bloggeratti have nothing to show for their work and still work two or maybe three jobs 

I'm not gloating but I do my thing and like that I can go out and buy things like this Cartier Juste une Clou bangle if I want it 

It was on my lust list for a couple of months I talked myself out of it saying I didn't need it but obviously I did ... I want a plain gold one to match my love bangles to which I have three .. two I don't wear as they were given to me in the spirit that Cartier intended ... your in love and your lover screw it on your wrist it's like modern day branding ... I only wear one love bangle which I bought myself to say that I love myself and with this new bangle I thought what the hell rather than buy the plain gold starter one get one embellished with diamonds 

shop the CARTIER Juste un Clou bangle here 

I love my blog again and love blogging again and from the negative feedback I get which I may add is always done in private messaging alot of people don't like that I have got my mojo back .... apparently I put it out there ... well from the horses mouth I don't I just post what other people post but the real version not the fake ones like I see on Instagram 

So why is it a problem?

Like other thirsty bloggers which I'm not I just go out and get mine and don't take anyone down or bad mouth anyone I don't have the time

NO drama here!

Dane DeHaan & Cara Delevingne cover V Magazine Summer 2017


The Voice inside says I'm gonna be alright .......

Slava Zaitsev | Fall Winter 2017/2018

Chuyko Fall Winter 2017/2018

Komod | Fall Winter 2017/2018

BGN by Alexandr Rogov | Fall Winter 2017/2018

Lara Stone for Vogue Mexico May 2017

Ivanova | Fall Winter 2017/2018

Speranza Couture by Nadezda Yusupova | Fall Winter 2017/2018

Ksenia Knyazeva Fall Winter 2017/2018


At last, at last after two weeks of it doing a outfit post I've finally done one... apologies but this was due to illness I've been fighting this bloody chest infection and cold for a couple of weeks and it turns out because I sleep with my mouth open this triggers off chest infections ....

Ok as the title says La Dolce Vita ..... Dolce being the word as my outfit is from Dolce&Gabbana  even though they are banging on about wanting millennials wearing their clothes and I'm shopping elsewhere and trying out new designers, I still always end up going back to Dolce because I've been wearing them from the 90s religiously even though this season I've only bought a few pieces as I'm not a millennials... I've top the outfit off with some beautiful jewellery (details below), my trademark Christian Louboutin shoes I have so many pairs now and only seem to wear red soles even just to walk around town, the bag is from New Globe Traveller which is an amazing brand that uses recycled materials to produce luxury bags at great prices .... included in that price is a £30 donation which believe it or. It educates a child for one year which you sponsor. You get details of the child you can communicate and get regular updates and after the year is up you get the option of continuing to sponsor the same child or another ... so it's a win win situation and you get a stunning bag!  More details and pictures of my child to follow in another post...

Shop the look or the collection here .......

Sunglasses John Varvatos (I Have so many pairs but only seem to wear these)
Shirt Dolce&gabbana (from a selection)
Trousers Dolce&gabbana (from a selection)
Watch Cartier 
love Bangle Cartier 
diamond bangle Cartier 
rings Bulgari and Graff Diamonds 

All available to buy now on relevant E sites 

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Viola Davis covers Time Magazine Cover "United States"


This man was and still is a genius.......

Zalevskiy Fall Winter 2017/2018 - Ukrainian Fashion Week

Dimaneu | Fall Winter 2017/2018 Moscow Fashion Week

Vadim Merlis | Fall Winter 2017/2018 Moscow Fashion Week

Chapurin for Finn Flare | Fall Winter 2017/2018 Moscow Fashion Week

Eva Longoria - Cosmopolitan Magazine Covers Serbia May 2017


Argyle Grant | Spring Summer 2017

Grace Bol & Alek Wek covers Dazed Magazine Summer 2017

Detsky Mir | Fall Winter 2017/2018 Moscow Fashion Week

Monday, 24 April 2017

Ellus | Fall Winter 2017 Full Show | SPFW Nº43

Mister Triple X | Spring Summer 2017

Every season I get invited to this show and I always say I'm going and never go It's in LA and wow! who wouldn't want to go to LA ? but the next show is coming up and I'm going!! I'm going to be honest for someone who was raised half their life on the east coast the west coast does not appeal to me everytime I go I always say the same thing never again ...... but this show is going to let me go to the west coast and suck it up!!


Thursday, 20 April 2017

Jourdan Dunn covers Glamour South Africa May 2017

Sienna Miller covers Allure May 2017

Jane Fonda covers Harper's Bazaar Magazine Netherlands May 2017

Aldomartins​ | Fall Winter 2017/2018

Russell Westbrook covers Ebony magazine April/May 2017

April/May EBONY Cover - Photo: Mark MannRussell Westbrook for EBONY. Photo: Mark MannRussell Westbrook for EBONY. Photo: Mark MannRussell Westbrook for EBONY. Photo: Mark MannRussell Westbrook for EBONY. Photo: Mark MannRussell Westbrook for EBONY. Photo: Mark MannRussell Westbrook for EBONY. Photo: Mark MannRussell Westbrook for EBONY. Photo: Mark Mann

Harry Styles covers Rolling Stone US Magazine .....

Justicia Ruano​ | Fall Winter 2017/2018


One of my favourite songs from The Stones that did not get the recognition it deserved .........

Lebor Gabala​ | Fall Winter 2017/2018

Brain & Beast | Fall Winter 2017/2018

Wednesday, 19 April 2017



I was born in December innit #legend 

Priced at $23

Tuesday, 18 April 2017


Image result for leroy dawkins top model judge

Right I am not going to go in heavy on this because I have been doing that for over three years and had people asking me why am I so mad, am I stable, everyone on Instagram is credible I'm the one with the problem, I'm bitter blah blah ..... I am classed as a big blogger and have never hidden my stats they are there for everyone to see... but Monday 17th April 2017 I will never forget as people get what i have been talking about for years only because there's a new site exposing Instagram's elite some I know and they discredit me and other bloggers up there to get us out the way and because no one wants to rock the boat I had no support but today my inbox was full I was included on so many social media posts because of this

I don't feel inadequate anymore ... PR's who believe the shit you are told about me SHAME ON YOU!!! I get your business and brand out there these people have been buying followers, likes, mentions, etc they can control everything down to comments they claim they have 50k followers when technically they may have 4k like me! thats why I never concentrate on followers, how many people I have following .... what I concentrate on is how many visitors I have coming to my site which is millions!!!!

I'm not going to say the name of the site but like the kids say these days ... it's savage!!! It's called social blade 

PR's don't feel bad you have been dooped but its going to be hard to get back with genuine who actually get visitors organically like me

I'm here and not holding any grudges my only thing is how are you going to explain this to the brands you represent or work for? all the free stuff and trips you have given them ....

if you want to know the name of the site which is also authentic and has caused upheaval dm or message me or even email me as I'm sure you still have my email address even though you buried me too soon and left me for dead .... lucky i'm not stupid and carried myself overseas and doing very well on not one but two tv shows and have done many editorials one out now which is 20 pages long and the designer clothes I wear, Dolce etc I actually paid for!

this is just a text blog post but I thought I would add a picture from my latest editorial (top of the page) featured in Vogue which is out now in Europe on good newsstands

Oh you would not believe and would be gobsmacked if your saw some of the so call bloggers who have been busted on this site!

I'm just happy that judgement day is here and people can finally see I am not mad, I am stable and I saw this coming ......

The problem everybody wants to be famous well if that's the case you should have started years ago .... Bryanboy paid his dues, Prince Cassius paid his dues, Susie Bubble paid hers, Jai'me London Boy paid his, I paid mine ...

They've gone out done another thing on top on breaking up the Blogging community with the back stabbing ... they have gone out brought shame on bloggers, sold themselves out and yet still when they arrive at parties no one is taking pictures of them ...

was it worth it ... your still that nobody blogger but now with shame on your head!

was it worth it ... oH! did I mention I am a signed model and on two Russian TV programmes ? wasted opportunity ....

Vogue Japan May 2017 Hair Editorial