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Wow! nope I promised I would keep my trap shut but either he was careless or kylie with her millions bled him dry .... #dumbass

here's the looks available this Fall/winter as in kind of now ...... so I'm going to make sure I get a few pieces of this as its a must have ... forget about designers... it's all about people  who have lots of followers and know a Kardashian

My verdict ...... ain't getting any of my money!

Collaborating with boohooMAN, Tyga wears an oversized distressed denim hoodie $52 and ripped jeans $40.Tyga-boohoo-MAN-2017-Campaign-Collaboration-001Tyga-boohoo-MAN-2017-Campaign-Collaboration-008Rapper Tyga sports a boohooMAN MAN print hoodie $35 and white beanie $10.Tyga-boohoo-MAN-2017-Campaign-Collaboration-030Tyga-boohoo-MAN-2017-Campaign-Collaboration-015Tyga-boohoo-MAN-2017-Campaign-Collaboration-003Tyga-boohoo-MAN-2017-Campaign-Collaboration-020Taking to a photo studio, Tyga rocks a boohooMAN t-shirt $16, scarf $20, and tailored coat $52.Tyga-boohoo-MAN-2017-Campaign-Collaboration-016


A sleek vision, Shawn Mendes appears in Emporio Armani's connected campaign.Sabine Villiard photographs Shawn Mendes for Emporio Armani's Connected campaign.Shawn Mendes fronts Emporio Armani's Connected campaign.

Roberto Cavalli Fall Winter 2017 AD Campaign

Ports 1961 Menswear Spring/Summer 2018

The spring-summer Ports 1961 menswear collection is a celebration of diversity, strength and optimism. 
Fashion reflects the world around us. In a time of challenge, fear and disillusion, it is the creative person's role to try to deliver a message of love and hope. For the past several seasons, Milan Vukmirovic has been exploring the urgency of love and the importance of fraternity, unity and solidarity. 
Inspired by Jean Michel Basquiat’s work and personal style, African cool-setters and the hip-hop scene in New York in the early Eighties, Milan Vukmirovic presents an upbeat collection with a very positive message. Brimming with color and meaning, this collection is a window that opens to the world and defends the richness of difference. 
This season, Ports 1961 draws in equal measures on street culture, contemporary dress and local artisans. Embroidery and prints point to far horizons. 
This collection is, in its own way, a message of solidarity for the Black Lives Matter movement that began in the street and on social media in 2012. The fight against violence and for justice for black people resonates today in an even wider, bigger way.

Corneliani FW 2017/18 AD CAMPAIGN

Kirsten Dunst covers Dazed Magazine Summer 2017

WATCH IT NOW - Dries Van Noten Menswear Spring/Summer 2018 #PFW

GUCCI - Ace Sneaker with Patches

I love these...... I just bought a pair of Gucci sneakers and wish I had waited a week or two as I absolutely love these.....

Introducing the Gucci Ace sneaker with detachable patches from the Gucci Pre-Fall 2017 collection. A lineup of colorful and eclectic removable patches that represent the motifs of Gucci—such as the bee and tiger, symbols first used by the House in the 70s—are available individually to create over 100 style combinations on the Ace Sneaker.


Anwar Hadid covers L’Officiel Hommes Ukraine Summer 2017

Today I made a promise to myself just do features ..... after all I won an award for best features editor a couple of years ago....... but but but please do look out for a feature called meeting the royals part 2 .... Part one with the same title has been published and 2 is coming I know what I want to say just wording it correctly even though a British blogger wrote to my editor in America to offer his services and when he was turned down he asked the question why him he can't spell ...... this person also worked for the BFC and blocked me and a few others getting press passes...

anyways ....

But part two will explain why Anwar Hadid on the cover of this magazine is so wrong!

WATCH IT NOW - Louis Vuitton Men’s Spring/Summer 2018 #MUSTSEE

The Louis Vuitton Men’s Spring-Summer 2018 Fashion Show by Kim Jones live from the Palais Royal in Paris, France with YouTube Live. Take your front row seat for the show now.

D.Gnak | Spring Summer 2018 #LFW

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2017 AD Campaign

The campaign stars Jaden Smith ..... Will Smith's son ...... (i'm going to start spelling it out)

Hailey Baldwin covers Elle UK July 2017

Zendaya covers Vogue US July 2017

Adriana Lima covers Harper’s Bazaar Spain July 2017

MY THOUGHTS - Wood Wood | Spring Summer 2018 #MFW

Here we go shows you don't hear about .... you may have noticed I cover nearly ever fashion week from London to Copenhagen, Kuwait, Australia, Ukraine, Russia, Moscow .... It's been mainly watch the show but I get it out there and the response has been good...

My mission this year and seems to be from now on is to cover every show or as near as I can get and then certain shows which were outstanding home in on them and shows that was bad I do the same but give an honest opinion .....

this year so far I have covered shows and designers if you look through the archives you heard not heard of some if I be honest never even came into my radar but I am broadening my horizons and no longer championg what main stream press and designers brainwash us to like

This is a great show and when I attend Milan Fashion week there are so many great shows on offer but If you noticed I attended only emerging designers this time

Most people fly overseas and want to blag their way into the hottest shows and parties ... I've never blagged my way in as I am always invited for now

but there's more to life!

Malibu 1992 Spring Summer 2018

Damir Doma | Spring Summer 2018 #MFW


Ok this is a two part blog ...... in this first part I want to introduce you the the Royals ......

Now your job until I do Part 2 of this blog is to study the pictures, use the comment box below and tell me why they are royals ..... please guys I've never begged before in 7 years for your assistance and comments but I need it now

Why I'm doing this blog is because I read the Business of Fashion and their review of a certain collection and the backlash was not good they were tweeted and instagrammed and told they need to get new writers ..... I disagree with this as my review was kind of similar and I applaud BOF for being totally honest not like other publications especially in the UK where it's more about how much they earn, their seats at shows and being seen...

ok please do check in tomorrow for a toe curling Part 2 which will explain what meeting the royals means to you and how it affects you and especially the young

Plein Sport | Spring Summer 2018 #MFW


Poan | Spring Summer 2018 #MFWM

Sartorial expert, visionary and all-round whimsical fellow, POAN designer Georg Weissacher brings his very own utopian philosophy to Milan with his latest collection ‘The Phenomenon of Man’
London-based Austrian designer Weissacher will showcase his latest Spring/Summer 2018 collection for the rst time in Milan, thanks to WHITE tradeshow support, in partnership with Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana.

Taking inspiration from the widely critiqued book ‘The Phenomenon of Man’ by French philosopher, biologist and Jesuit priest Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, Weissacher’s latest creation encompasses the thoughts of a visionary and vitalist, considering historical roots, the future and technology. His theories are considered to be the theoretical base of the advent and progression of the Internet.
With philanthropy at its heart, this latest collection from Weissacher combines clever juxtapositions of raw elements such as earthy printed motifs, which clash into electrical components. Shapes are clean and sharp across suiting but equally across jackets represent the duration of life, where things are used and lived in.

With a direct reference to de Chardin and the Vatican as wonderfully shown in Sorrentino´s direction for the HBO Series of the Young Pope, Weissacher’s creation takes a celestial silhouette with clerical elements taking pride of place across hats and belts. In addition an Italian air has been included through both aesthetics and Made In Italy production, with the majority of fabrics being in wool and cottons and linen.

Weissacher’s S/S18 collection delivers a set of ideas that aims to lift us through story telling in a high level of style, that draws on the past and projects us into a new dimension of multi-cultural hints, never forgetting the approach of a tailor, where knitwear techniques coexist with sporty like ensembles. Gender uid silhouettes, oversize shapes, clashing prints and futuristic gear will create the POAN look.

Weissacher tries to embody the collection with a message that transcends the actual product, by thinking big about all of humanity - POAN stands for PEOPLES OF ALL NATIONS - while facing personal tasks with greater clarity and force. Diversity being the key to today’s happiness. 

Les Hommes Spring Summer 2018


If you haven't heard of it.... get to know it !!! @avene_uki  eau thermale I've been using this for a few years natural thermal spring water 💦 which is soothing and why started using it was because it also helps tone the skin 

Just spritz on hot days especially on the tube/metro and it automatically cools you down 

There are other brands out there and believe me I've tried them but this one is by far the best.... I first bought it in Paris just because I wanted something to buy but now it's a must have for me mainly in summer but I tend to use it all year... if I'm carrying a bag I always have a can in it 

WATCH IT NOW - Valentino Spring Summer 2018 Menswear #PFW

WATCH IT NOW - Daks | Spring Summer 2018 Menswear #MFW

Selena Gomez for Coach Fall Winter 2017 AD Campaign

Balenciaga | Spring Summer 2018 Menswear #PFW

Dolce&Gabbana FW18 Children's Advertising Campaign

Dolce&Gabbana FW18 Children's Advertising Campaign. 

#DGFamily #DGCampaign #DGFW18 #DGBambino

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Paris Jackson covers Vogue Australia July 2017

That's Michael Jackson's #cough daughter


RIP Prodigy Mobb Deep this is one of my favourite tunes which was a collaboration with Mariah Carey I bet alot of you don't even know this song ......

I got you stuck on this realness ........



Xander Zhou Spring Summer 2018 Menswear #LFW

Marcelo Burlon | Spring Summer 2018 Menswear

MSGM | Spring Summer 2018 Menswear

Loved this show saw it whilst I was in Milan but unfortunately I couldn't do any social media posts but watch it you will enjoy it !!! I wear this label ... Italian fashion at its best!

Halima Aden covers Allure US July 2017

I love this chick right here! who says because your Muslim and wear an Hijab you can't be a supermodel? do your thing girl make it work!!!!

Nº21 | Spring Summer 2018 #MFW

Philipp Plein | Spring Summer 2018 MEN'S #MFW

WATCH IT NOW - Fendi Menswear Spring/Summer 2018

Imaan Hammam covers Vogue Spain July 2017

WATCH IT NOW - Giorgio Armani Spring Summer 2018 Men's #MFW

Salvatore Ferragamo | Spring Summer 2018 #MFW

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Christopher Lowman F/W 17

3.PARADIS SPRING/SUMMER 2018 "*On Ira Tous Au Paradis*"

3.Paradis launch their Spring/Summer 2018 collection *ON IRA TOUS AU PARADIS* meaning We’ll all go to heaven in the brand’s native French, as the logical sequel to their AW17 collection Paradis Perdu. It explores the idea of reconstructing a safe haven and takes inspiration from the brand’s own unconventional path to paradise. This season 3.Paradis' Creative Director Emeric Rico Tchatchoua asks the questions “What does paradise mean to us as young people?” using garments as a platform to make people think about a question as old as time. In responding to this, 3.Paradis have travelled back through the ages to a more primitive time, the origins of clothing, and the role it was created to fulfil as protection from the elements – a barrier between the skin and the environment. Blending fabrics and textures, purpose and intent, each piece traces its own altered pathway to heaven because On Ira Tous Au Paradis 

3.Paradis continue to develop their seasonal collections launching a number of new product categories for Spring/Summer 2018. New waterproof pieces featuring a rain drop graphic either printed or over-embroideried with the word “Waterproof”. In place of reversible jackets, this season pioneers the fully transformable item with the “Mogus” bomber cleverly concealing an oversized parka between the lining and back piece sealed with a zipper. In another innovative development they have created the “one sleeve pouch” turning a shoulder bag or pouch into a new item worn over the sleeve and across the body with multiple pockets. 

Established in 2013, 3.Paradis is an innovative ready-to-wear brand co-founded by Emeric Tchatchoua with the vision of promoting a common voice amongst today’s global generation by deconstructing traditional ideas and reinventing menswear with no rules and no conventions. Living between Paris and Montreal the designer believes that we are on the brink of a cultural revolution, which will bring about a major change in society and mark a turning point in the evolution of menswear summarised by the three words “Disruptive, Chic and Poetic”. 3.Paradis is stocked in Cntrbnd Toronto & Vancouver, Juice Shanghai, IT Hong Kong, Nubian Tokyo, Club 21 Singapore, Tom Greyhound Korea, The Hypebeast Online Store and Ejder in the United Kingdom as well as being available through their own brand e-commerce pop-up platform at